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Hello readers! Thank you for stopping by! I’m Vicky, a 20-something year old woman who loved to read Fantasy but expanding her palette to include Dark Academia Mysteries/Thrillers, Science-Fiction, Historical Fiction, a little bit of Romance, and South and East Asian Literature. I’ll also share my tips and advice for undergraduate college students, skin care product reviews centered around acne-prone young women, as well as wavy hair product reviews. By the way, I’m also an Amazon Associate, so if you purchase anything through those designated links I earn commission. In the future I’d like to talk about freelancing (since I just started) and, once in a while, do a little clothing haul for petites! Most of you are already following me on socials or Medium, but even if you’re new, welcome, welcome, welcome! I’m so glad to be able to interact and share my interests and advice with you! I aspire to be a source of edutainment!

Find (and Follow!) Me, Or Learn A Little More About Who I Am Through This Link: https://linktr.ee/acitygirlsthoughts

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